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Our Mission and Principles

NAMI of Snohomish County works to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness by providing education and support to people living with mental illness and to their families, by advocating for better laws and increased funding for mental health services, and by increasing public awareness and reducing the stigma of mental illness.

The mission of the local affiliate in Snohomish County is closely linked to NAMI Washington’s Principles, including:

  • The laws in this state must require that there be fair and just access to medical treatment and related supportive services for individuals with mental illnesses and their families and/or other support networks.
  • Early intensive care and treatment – including hospitalization in some cases – has proven to reduce long-term illness and disability. It is the best way for the state to reduce its long-term cost for the mental health system and most importantly, to promote the potential for recovery for as many people as possible. In order to ensure the highest possible quality of service, the state should require programs, treatments and other services to be evidence-based or promising practices.
  • Treatment and related assistance needs to be holistic and comprehensive and should include the person’s psychiatric and general physical health, employment potential, housing, social network and mobility. These programs need to work in collaboration with one another and be recovery based.
  • Involved family members, friends and others in an individual’s chosen “support network” should have a positive, pro-active role in treatment planning and evaluating treatment effectiveness.
  • Community mental health organizations, private business and government entities must come together as collaborative partners


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